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Higher and technical engineering, degree and master.
IT, telecommunications, industrial, mathematics, physics and chemical engineering. Higher level training cycle in multi-platform and web application development.

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Business Intelligence, CRM, Big Data, Relational Marketing, Software Development, ETL, Disciplines of Data Management (Governance, Data Quality)


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We have a lot to offer. M2C is a place where you can develop your illusions, get the best version of yourself and learn from excellent professionals, who are eager to share their experience with you. Check here our job offers or consult our perfil.

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What do we offer?

Our decalogue


... the best reason to work at M2C is the team of people who make it up.

The best reason to work at M2C is the team of people who make it up.
We are experienced professionals with a great desire to continue learning. We want to grow and enjoy every day of the work we do. We share dreams, experiences and positive energy, and this is what helps us to be better and achieve our goals.
We combine talent, experience and passion.


... a career plan adapted to each consultant.

Each person has their own career plan led by an experienced coach. We lay the foundations for your growth, training and promotion, which is based on three fundamental pillars… the customer, the project and personal development.


... developing our capabilities to the fullest.

We offer you a tailor-made training plan, supervised by your “Coach”, in addition to the company’s general training plan. For us, it is essential to invest in talent, train you in our partners’ technological solutions, and obtain official certifications that enhance your professional career and strengthen our position in the market. In addition, language training is of vital importance to us.


... always at the forefront.

We are convinced that it is through technology and our expert knowledge that we can help our customers achieve their strategic goals. Our partners are market benchmarks, and this obliges us to be at the forefront of the latest technologies and products. Our goal is to offer the best solution by mixing talent and innovation.


... teamwork.

We maintain an atmosphere of constant collaboration with the aim of optimising the results of the projects and always have the advice of the best expert talent and their experience in previous projects in each area. In addition, we facilitate mutual learning and enhance teamwork at all levels of the company. We encourage relationships, knowledge sharing and integration.

Strong company

... growth rates well above the market average.

Our growth rates are above the market average. We have an excellent business situation. In the last 5 years, we have grown more than the market average, both in terms of turnover and staff, and the trend for the coming years continues. We are a successful company committed to stability and employment.


... various benefits

We have a wide range of social benefits: meal vouchers, childcare vouchers, transportation card, health insurance with dental coverage (including for family members), language course subsidies and shopping discounts.

Constant evolution

Adaptive capacity.

Times change, and as a company we must adapt our processes to new situations, including tools that facilitate flexibility, social benefits and online training platforms.


... we keep our promises.

What we promise we deliver. We are responsible for our word and this generates the trust and complicity we have with both our customers and our workers.


Personal and professional fulfilment.

We want to achieve goals that are very ambitious, but enjoy the way, always putting people at the centre, achieving the personal and professional fulfilment of each of us who make up M2C.

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  • You will help us to remember you.
  • Include your past achievements and your future goals.
  • In the personal interview, show yourself as you are. We want to know you!
  • We will provide you with information about the vacant position, its functions and what it will enable you to learn. Ask your questions.

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