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A global market available to millions of consumers, which makes it difficult to define the product catalogue, with customers who decide what they want and who will not wait for us if we delay.

As a consequence of the consumer’s current protagonism, we are obliged to call their attention, constantly analyse their preferences, take their feedback into account, constantly make proposals and, in short, build up their loyalty.

The classic manufacturer-vendor-consumer pattern takes on new forms, to which it must be adapted. New channels and new devices with millions of potential consumers emerge, which must be supported by the best technology.

The speed at which the sector is changing is spectacular. The impact is enormous, and involves all the main areas (logistics, production, marketing, management…).

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Why M2C

Ayudamos a las organizaciones a diseñar su estrategia con el objetivo de hacerlas más dinámicas, eficientes y competitivas. Diseñamos, desarrollamos e implantamos las soluciones que mejor se adaptan a sus necesidades, optimizando los recursos disponibles.

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Our team has a long career in the industry and retail sector, collaborating with our customers in projects of Business Intelligence, Marketing Automation, Robotization, Big Data Analytics, Data Management .... We would be delighted to talk to you.

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Our capabilities

We have worked in the sector since our origins. We have a team of professionals who come from the sector, who have developed their professional careers in it and therefore, contribute with a deep knowledge of the real needs, of the main technologies and regulatory requirements.

Products and Services

We implement and maintain business solutions based on the most advanced technologies. BPO services both business and infrastructure, on premise and cloud, turnkey projects, PMO, Data Analytics and Data Governance, implementation of final solutions from leading manufacturers, supported by a team of professionals with extensive experience in services and knowledge of the industries.

Digital Marketing

We make an aligned proposal to business areas, consolidating customer data (aligning both digital and non-digital sources) and using a contextual marketing approach to the customer.
The goals are clear: to achieve personalisation through one to one real marketing, to jump from traditional outbound/inbound campaigns to an "Always On" vision, to provide greater capacities for automation and optimisation of marketing strategies, to reduce Time to Market, to increase the capacity to activate levers in real time to gain presence in digital channels.

Process Automation

Maximising the operational efficiency is a basic objective of companies because it is a key element in their success: the automation and continuous improvement of business processes eliminates the manual workload and optimises the capacity of resources. M2C has been carrying out RPA projects for over 11 years using the latest technologies on the market.

Marketing Service Provider

We help our customers to design and maintain their marketing strategies in the phases of - Design; - Implementation; - Insight. Providing two clear benefits: Marketing departments dedicated to more strategic tasks. Efficiency and reduction of costs and time in the implementation of marketing strategies.

Big Data Analytics & Data Governance

We provide high value services in the main disciplines of Big Data (Machine data, (Python, Spark, Scala).

We have alliances with software manufacturers in the fields of memory computing platforms (Memory Data Grid) and real-time streaming.

Data Governance

We provide high-value services in the following disciplines:

Data Mining, Data Quality, Data Lineage, MDM, Data Warehouse / Data Marts, Dashboard / Reporting, Data Discovery, Predictive Analysis, Data Integration (ETL) and OLAP Analysis.

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Success case

  • Tobacco company that owns some of the most important brands of cigarettes.
  • Project to integrate customer information into Salesforce with the sales systems' own data, subsequently exploiting the data with PowerBI. Processes have been carried out that allow the company to maintain the quality and coherence of the data between Salesforce and Logista.
  • The success of these processes is due to the great knowledge that M2C has of the customer's business, both from a technical and end user point of view.
  • Design and implementation of the new information platform of one of the biggest football clubs in Spain, deployed entirely in Azure.
  • Under a Big Data paradigm, the system allows for the ingestion into the new Data Lake of large volumes of data from partners and other fans from different social networks, campaigns and sponsors. Thus combining various data sources, prospects, fans, telemetry from the web or the club's apps, and providing a 360-degree view of the fan. Similarly, it integrates with various pre-existing systems in the house and from third parties via APIs.
  • The whole design is based on the premise of offering a tight control of the metadata, keeping in a relational model all the ingested entities together with schemes of all of them, as well as all the ETL processes.
  • The processes of data quality, traceability and compliance with GDPR regulations have been especially taken into account due to the underlying legal implications in the processing of own and third party data.
  • System developed under the DevOps philosophy, allowing the club the integral management of data and processes, the custody of all source code and the development of pipelines for automatic packaging and deployment between environments (CI/CD).
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