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Technology consulting and information systems to help our customers take care of their customers, and improve their bottom line.

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We have been bringing together the best people for seventeen years to enjoy doing cool projects; and delivering the latest technology to our customers, so that their final customers feel cared for, and so that our customers improve their bottom line and can continue to invest in improving and optimising their processes, adapting them to a reality that is constantly changing.

We work for large insurance, telecommunications, banking, industry, energy and public sector corporations. Consultancy and technology make sense when they become the tool that allows you to be the most competitive, reduce costs and optimise the service provided.

A 100% Spanish Company


M2C was set up with the aim of strengthening the relationship between companies and their customers.


Consultants specialised in Relationship Marketing and Data Management.


Fully Spanish capital company.


Years of experience.


All our customers repeat.


We only accept projects in technologies that we master, often pioneering them.

A committed team

We never leave a project unfinished, or an assignment unfinished, or a colleague abandoned


Beyond the ISO certifications we have, project managers seek excellence

Satisfied customers

When we start with a customer, a relationship begins that normally has no end

Ayudamos a mejorar tu competitividad Ayudamos a mejorar tu competitividad

Sectors and Services

Insurance and Health

We help our customers define new products and services and get the most out of their data, providing new sources of revenue and greater knowledge of their customers.

Telco & Media

We assist our customers in a multi-product environment with the risk of commoditization of their services, as opposed to new purely digital platforms that are growing in the range of services offered.


We accompany our customers in the challenge of multi-channelling in a context of adverse interest rates, together with the threat of the constant appearance of specific startups sometimes not subject to high regulation.

Industry and Consumer

We face, together with our customers, challenges such as the continuous improvement of work productivity, or the high energy costs they bear.


We work for large increasingly globalised corporations, improving efficiency and service to their customers in highly regulated environments.

Public Sector

We help our customers to maximize the results obtained by executing decreasing budgets, in order to offer a greater number of increasingly efficient public services to citizens.


The know-how of the most experienced people, but at the same time the ability to listen to people with the most innovative ideas, which has led to the best figures for income, profitability, work climate and customer satisfaction survey obtained over 17 years.


Always complying with the principles of privacy and confidentiality, M2C's management strives to transmit to the company as much corporate information as possible, as well as the origin of the decisions taken over time.


Investment in I+D+I is never too much. M2C is aware of the current competitive environment, which requires allocating the largest amount of funds to keeping the company's human capital up to date.


Everyone in M2C is aware of the importance of respecting the Common House. Each person is responsible for the machines used even after their professional life, the unnecessary use of paper and other consumables is avoided, following a philosophy of sorting waste for recycling.


The teamwork of the projects in which M2C works means that it is not possible for any member of these teams to work without the necessary commitment and camaraderie to ensure that deadlines are met according to plans, always helping colleagues when needed.

Professional development

Since its foundation, M2C defined a personalized career model, where the company adapts to the development of each person, and not the other way around. In this way, M2C adapts on the one hand to people with greater ambition and speed of growth and on the other to people who prefer to go deeper into each of the stages of their career plan.

Occupational Safety

For M2C the physical and psychological health of its employees is important, devoting the necessary effort to any existing health regulations or protocols, sometimes exceeding the regulatory requirements in terms of health surveillance, equality, prevention of harassment and prevention of criminal risks.


Since its foundation, M2C has never had a training budget. There has never been a limit to their people can be with the latest technology. For M2C, every euro invested in training increases the value of the company. The M2Coin programme rewards course attendance, official certification and knowledge sharing with colleagues.

Our success is thanks to our team

M2C knows that its success is due exclusively to the commitment and know-how of the people who make up the team. A great success of the company's management was always to delegate at all levels, making each person feel responsible for the decisions made and executed. And the results could not be clearer in terms of the success of this philosophy.

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Quality above all

M2C has a strong commitment to the needs, expectations, objectives and results of our customers in order to provide them with competitive business solutions, through the rational, effective and efficient use of Information Technology.

We have an integrated quality management system certified under the UNE-EN ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 33002 standards with maturity level 2, and we are on the way to certification under the UNE-EN ISO 14001 and ISO/IEC standards. IEC27001.

The commitment of our partners and all our professionals is reflected in the quality of service and the relationship we maintain with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our company culture is based on a set of values that have quality as one of their basic pillars.

Our Pillars

Quality is one of the pillars of our business culture

We adapt to the needs and requirements of our customers, always seeking to exceed their expectations.

The personal and professional talent of our team.

We do not conclude our project until our customers are successful. Our achievements are their achievements.

We adapt quickly to market demands.

Our Aim

We want to be your reference consultant

Meeting requirements, satisfying needs and exceeding expectations.

For our commitment to you, making your goals ours.

For our vision of the future, offering innovative solutions.

For the excellence in the quality of our services.

Our Certificates

We have different certifications approved by official bodies that guarantee our work.

You can consult the seals of the ISO standards that certify our work procedures, as well as our Quality Policy.

Our main customers

They trust us

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