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The banking is more competitive and open than ever. Whoever wins the battle in the digital environment will have an advantage of months over their competitors. But... the competition is fierce.

New challenges and advanced technologies are impacting the market and increasingly adjusting revenues. Analysis indicates that only 17% of banks in Europe have achieved 33% growth over the last 13 years. It is therefore time to “get our act together”.

Turning the digital environment around does not seem to be enough, we have to go further. As in the rest of the industries, they have to become relevant for their clients by making the most of digitalisation, but together with growth and loyalty policies, offering their clients attractive products that generate confidence. All this represents a complete transformation (Technological and Organisational) if they do not want to be left behind.

All this represents a complete transformation (Technological and Organisational) if they do not want to be left behind.

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We help organisations design their strategy with the aim of making them more dynamic, efficient and competitive. We design, develop and implement the solutions that best suit their needs, optimising the resources available.

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Our team of professionals is backed by their long experience in the financial sector, and has been working on loyalty projects, robotization, regulatory framework, Big Data Analytics, systems technology in cloud environments and on premise, among others.... It’s at your disposal.

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Our Capabilities

We have been working with the financial sector since our origins in 2004. We have a team of professionals who come from the sector and provide in-depth knowledge of the real needs, as well as the financial products and regulatory requirements.

Products y Services

We implement and maintain business solutions for our customers. We offer BPO services for both business processes and infrastructures, both on premise and cloud, turnkey projects, PMO, Data Analytics and Data Governance, implementation of final solutions from leading manufacturers, etc... supported by a team of professionals with extensive experience in services and knowledge of the industries.

Process Automation

Maximising the operational efficiency is a basic objective of companies because it is a key element in their success: the automation and continuous improvement of business processes eliminates the manual workload and optimises the capacity of resources. M2C has been carrying out RPA projects for over 11 years using the latest technologies on the market.

Marketing Service Provider

This service allows us to help our customers to design and maintain their marketing strategies. In the phases of - Design; - Implementation; - Insight. Providing two clear benefits:

  • Marketing departments dedicated to more strategic tasks.
  • Efficiency and reduction of costs and time in the implementation of marketing strategies.

Big Data Analytics & Data Governance

We provide high-value services in the field of Data Mining; Machine Data; Data Quality; Data Lineage; MDM; Data Warehouse / Data Marts; Big Data (Python, Spark, Scala, etc...); Dashboard / Reporting (with SAS, Qlik view, Qliksense, Power BI, DOMO, Microstrategy, Tableau, Pentaho); Data Discovery; Predictive Analysis; Data Integration (ETL) and OLAP Analysis.

In Memory Data Grid

We are distributors of the HAZELCAST Software that facilitates the execution of processes in memory in a distributed way, ensuring the integration, high availability, security and in memory processing of the data. We have more than 5 years of experience in both national and international projects and a team of certified consultants.


We collaborate on our customers' apifier projects in such a way that data is isolated from the applications. This allows for evolution and much lighter and less expensive production steps. Designing, Executing and Maintaining diverse environments in our clients mainly with the tools of IBM and those of Google.

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Success cases

  • Leading global fund distribution company providing their customers with Data Analytics; Portfolio Management and Reporting services. It needed to value its customers' portfolios in real time, crossing thousands of rows and columns with complex calculations. Following the adoption of Hazelcast as an In Memory Data Grid tool, it reduced times from 30 minutes to 3 seconds (per portfolio).
A leading financial institution proposed to automate the obtaining of business rules published by the Banco de España through the SIF (Financial Information System). The aim was to increase the operational efficiency of the processes by creating automatons that interact with the systems that support the business processes in a non-intrusive way. The goals to be achieved were:
  • Higher level of information update.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Reduce resolution times and process duration.
  • Reduction of possible human errors.
  • Traceability of the process and unified vision of the main KPI's of the project.
  • Best customer experience.
For the development of the project we rely on the UiPath solution, achieving all the goals initially set in a very short time.
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