Equal Opportunities

Transparency and communication are part of the M2C DNA

M2C guarantees equal opportunities access to any job applicant, and ensures that no worker, service provider, collaborator or customer receives unfavourable treatment or is subject to discriminatory treatment on the grounds of age, sex, marital status, sexual condition, race, nationality, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition or circumstance.

Homogeneous and global values

Our culture is based on a set of values whose basis is equality

Always under the principle of respect for each individual itself, in M2C we have homogeneous and global principles and values. We value the synergy that is created in teamwork, developing problem-solving skills, flexibility and creativity and therefore we encourage diversity.
Our strategic objectives are to guarantee a positive and inclusive work climate in terms of gender and to improve the quality of our services as a result of optimising the work environment and the general satisfaction of the people who make up M2C.

Commitment to Equality

Commitment to equality

In M2C we want to contribute to increasing society’s awareness of real and effective equality between women and men. Likewise, we work to transmit to M2C's usual interlocutors (clients, suppliers, collaborators, public and private institutions) the values of Equal Opportunities for women and men that we promote from M2C.

Management commitment

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