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Losing the fear of cloud storage with M2C and Snowflake

February 2022

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake has become the only high-performance data warehouse built for the cloud.

Snowflake’s unique features make it the perfect data warehouse solution, all built as a cloud service, enabling enterprises to build best-of-breed analytics environments with virtually unlimited power, flexibility, and elasticity, and at lower cost ( authentic pay per use) compared to other platforms on the market.

Transversal architecture

Snowflake is available in all three major clouds (Google Cloud, AWS and Azure), prepared for six different workload types (Data Engineering, Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Data Science, Data Applications and Data Sharing) and under three pillars:

  • Elasticity, the performance and the machinery that is underneath is totally elastic.
  • Intelligent infrastructure, which means that it practically does not need any type of administration.
  • Snowgrid, with global reach.

Technical architecture

Snowflake’s unique architecture consists of four completely separate key layers.

  1. The top three cloud providers; being totally agnostic which means that the user experience is the same regardless of the cloud provider you are on.
  2. Data storage; optimized, compressed (AES-256) and columnar.
  3. Inquiry processing; with virtual stores composed of multiple computing nodes in parallel.
    Snowflake’s main differentiator as a cloud-based data warehouse is the separation of storage and compute, allowing each to scale independently at a cost-effective price, paying only for the capacity and performance it uses.
  4. Cloud services; it is the place where all the authentication, metadata management, query analysis and optimization, and transaction management (ACID) among other things are orchestrated.

Snowflake M2C Partner Select

M2C has opted for this solution and as a partner of Snowflake it can help you create modern and sustainable data solutions since it has trained and certified personnel so that you can take full advantage of Snowflake and prepare the most suitable scenario depending on the needs of your business.


What makes it special? By being in the cloud you already benefit from great advantages.

  • Increase productivity
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Maximum performance
  • Elasticity
  • Concurrence
  • Cost reduction

Companies evaluating a new platform for their data primarily consider four critical requirements.

  1. A single platform: The platform must be unique, that is, it must include a single copy of data allowing diverse workloads so that the entire company can operate efficiently.
  2. Secure and governed: It is also important that it offers secure and governed access to all information, eliminating the existence of data silos
  3. Zero maintenance: Snowflake’s single copy of data with zero maintenance allows users to focus on queries rather than infrastructure management.
  4. Unlimited: And when it comes to performance and scalability, these should be virtually unlimited, no matter how much data you want to upload or how many workloads you want to run.
    And this is basically what makes the Snowflake architecture so special, because it was designed from the ground up to grow and perform to the highest of expectations.
    It should be noted that this is not something that traditional platforms have, so it makes Snowflake a very special platform in the cloud.

Use cases

Do you have a data store with any of the following needs? M2C experts will help you store it on Snowflake and get immediate improvements.

Change your data strategy

We can help you with the design, preparation and optimization of the data so that you can ensure that you are ready for the technological transformation and thus obtain great benefits such as the centralization of all your data without depending on the variability of the same and thus take faster and more accurate decisions with better results.

Implement a modern data architecture

We design and build end-to-end cloud architectures to deliver clean, secure, and governed data for analytics at unlimited speed and scale.

If you have an on-premises data warehouse, we can help you migrate to Snowflake through continuous, automated data updates. By moving your data to the cloud and migrating it to Snowflake, you get a powerful, cost-effective, and scalable environment with access via standard SQL queries.

Get end-to-end governance of your data

So your business has the ability to ensure high data quality throughout its lifecycle by implementing controls that support business objectives such as availability, usability, consistency, integrity, and security.

It allows anyone to create instances, build metrics, and do a full audit trail to track data access.

Create secure data sharing

Benefit from seamless shared data access. Snowflake allows you to securely control data access through SQL, without replicating or rebuilding the dataset. In Snowflake you can share objects across provider and consumer accounts as direct and secure data exchange.

Data Lake Projects

It allows to capture the true state of the data for its management extracting all the data from the Data Lake of the company and introducing it to the Snowflake data warehouse as a service.

If most of your data is structured or semi-structured, Snowflake is a great platform for workloads in different formats like csv, json, xml, avro, and parquet. We’ll not only set up your data in the cloud provider of your choice, we’ll make your data available for advanced analytics and reporting regardless of data type.

Load your data efficiently with Data Pipelines

It allows massive and scheduled data ingestion using SnowSQL to ingest and download logs and analyze them on demand. Snowflake offers Snowpipe as a self-managed service with data transformation capabilities.

Data Integration Consulting

You will be able to modify your existing ETL workflows and optimize them in Snowflake thanks to its capabilities to load millions of records in minutes in bulk, you will save more time when processing long ETL processes.

Address Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects

Snowflake is specifically designed to harness the power of big data analytics with an architecture that physically separates storage from compute regardless of the type of data to load, all in real time.

The combination of Snowflake and other tools allows you to accelerate the specialization of data for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions in a consistent and reliable way across the company, without delays of any kind.


The objective of this solution is that the entire organization accesses a single place for viable decision-making at any time and place and in a simple way.

Importance of this solution: Technology
Data and all in the cloud

Access means organizations can discover and share data without physically moving it, at nearly unlimited scale, and regardless of the format of that data.

Governance means knowing and controlling your data in a way that can enable collaboration while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.

And action means you can empower every part of your business with data to build better products, make faster decisions, create new revenue streams, and realize the value of your greatest untapped asset: data.