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4th call for the AulaM2C training plan

November 2020 – Training call

Last November, the 4th call for AulaM2C ended, where 8 boys and girls recently graduated from different disciplines (mathematicians, physicists, economists, engineers) were selected to receive a 9-week training in the most innovative disciplines. The training lasted 9 weeks, with a daily dedication of 8 hours.

Since the 1st call, the results have been very satisfactory, facilitating the incorporation of the best talents in the projects and services we have with our clients.

We consider this format a success because it allows us to train people in a short period of time to be able to fill recurring junior positions within the company.

AulaM2C emerged in 2018 as an internal tool to attract talent from recent graduates and train them in the latest technology products and services that our clients demand.

Each call is different, and adapts to the trends dictated by the market. This last call has focused on development with Power BI, Microservices, Spark, ETL Technologies, Java and in-depth knowledge of databases and SQL language.