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What do we offer?

10 reasons to work at M2C


... the best reason to work at M2C is the human team that its compose of.

We are experienced professionals with the attitude to keep on learning. We want to rise in our career, to learn in different environments and new sectors so we can enjoy each day the work we do. We share dreams, experiences and the positive energy, so that help us to be better and reach our goals. We join talent, experience and passion to achieve exit.


... ah-hoc career plan to each consultant.

We have a career plan adapted to each of our consultant that, run by a high experienced coach, sets up the base for the growth, training and promotion, and it is based on 3 pillars: client, project and personal development.
Supporting us we have a continuous evaluation program and a promotion an improvement process that allows us assume new responsibilities each day and develop our talent and capacities.


... maximizing our capacities development.

We offer high professional services to our clients. Therefore, each consultant has the access to an ad-hoc training plan, included in this career and supervised by its "Coach", and to a general company training plan. Investment in talent is a priority for M2C, specifically, the training in technological tolls of our partners, official certifications and the rest of the interests related to IT that our employees may have. Besides, languages training play an important role in M2C.


... always at the vanguard.

We take responsibility on offering easy solutions to our clients for their needs, therefore, we need to be always at the vanguard of novel technology tolls that can help them.
Our partners are always models in the market and that allows us face new challenges every day. We want to always offer the ideal solution mixing talent and innovation.


... we share knowledge.

We promote a constant exchange between consultants with the objective of optimizing projects results and always counting on his best experts advice and their previous projects experiences on each area. In addition, we provide learning reciprocally and extend team work to all the company. We promote relations, knowledge exchange and integration.


... growth rates highly above market average.

M2C's business situation is excellent. In the last 5 years, the company has grown significantly over market average, both in billing and headcount, and we have similar perspectives for the coming years. In a shrinking market, our growth guarantees our solvency. Everyone being part of M2C knows he/she belongs to a successful company and we can dream in a future full of possibilities.


... several.

In M2C we care about people. Therefore, we have an extend social benefits range: food cheques, nursery school cheques, transport card, medical insurance with dental coverage (even for family members), subsidies for other language learning and discount on purchases. Because you are important.


... adapt to new situations.

We are in a moment of change, that we embrace at all company's levels to adapt ourselves to new situations, including communication tools, flexibility, social benefits, training...Change is the base of our effort.


... we fulfil promises.

We don´t make promises, we fulfil them. We inspire confidence because we know we can count on each other and because we are responsible of our word. They are our people commitments.


... personal and professional attainment.

We just want to enjoy the way, always counting on people and achieving planned goals, from the personal and professional attainment of all of the people that we are part of M2C.