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Business Intelligence

Smart information´s use

Business Intelligence is the amount of methodologies, applications, practices and capacities that are focused on creating and managing information that helps company's users to make better decisions.

Implementation of a BI system creates an information's virtuous circle: data transforms into information that produces a knowledge, which lets take the best decisions, and which its consequence is having better results, which generate new data... In conclusion, BI systems help answer these questions: What happened? What it is happening now? Why did it happen? What it is going to happen? What would have happened if...?

M2C offers a global BI view which is integrated by needs, benefits, strategy, and best BI practices. It also provides specific and optimal solutions looking at it from the cost-benefit point of view, from the different scenarios analysis that can happen in a company depending on its BI maturity. M2C, with the aim of make its clients improve, its participant in new BI tendencies such as big data, cloud computing, operational BI, in-memory analysis...


Antonio Claver Majolero

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