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Big Data

Deciphering data universes

Big Data refers to datasets that exceed the capabilities of traditional software to capture, manage and process such data in a reasonable time. Their sizes are constantly increasing. Data Big Data is characterized by three parameters: Variety (structured and unstructured data), Speed (growth and treatment "real time", daily, weekly, ...) and Volume (Megabytes, Gigabytes, Terabytes, Petabytes, ...).

Big Data requires the use of a new set of tools, applications and frameworks for storing, processing and exploit the data (analysis and visualization).

M2C is Hazelcast partner for Spain and Portugal. This company offers an open source software "in-memory data grid" based on Java, which allows distributed memory and process large volumes of data between nodes (Java virtual machine) of a cluster. This infrastructure allows very fast access and processing large volumes of data and varied, being easily.


Carlos López Arias

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