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Who are​ we​?

M2C is a 100% spanish capital company, that offers information technology consultancy services, software solutions development and integrations, and business processes outsourcing.

We focus our activity on big accounts on Telecomunications, Ensurances, Financial institutions, Goverment Administrations, Industry and Utilities sectors. We accompany them and make their business processes adaptation to reality and their customers life cicle management easier.

For M2C, consultancy and technology reach their full sense just when they become to be the tools that allow our clients to be the most competitives and optimize the service they give to their own custumers.

This philosophy, along with the eagerness for solving problems and attend to clients needs, and the ability to anticipate future situations, are our main values.


Service vocation

People who are part of M2C, are high qualified professionals, with a clear orientation on clients, formation and experience on technical areas, a great team work capacity, and we are a standout in compromise and responsibility with the company and with the customer service.

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